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Datum:  Sat, 26 Aug 2006
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Absatz 1

He points out that the USA stopped helping Germany after the assasination of J.F.K

The USA has helped until 1989, Germany was occupatied by American Forces even thouhg Germany paid yearly sunctions to the USA for being occupied since 1945. In 1989 the EU was then already in the making, the EU is trying to connect European countries by opening up its borders to avoid future wars in Europe, not to become the richest or largest or best all in all Political Union.

Catch 22 is that all Social countries within the EU support poor countries, their citizens came to Germany, England, The Netherlands etc. the final result today is high unemployment, low income, little chance to beat the burocratic social way which did not start after 1921/22 or 1929 or 1933 but long before the 1900! Many Queen houses gave up their leadership to a democratic leadership one of such leading examples is the Crown of Spain and Sweden.

Absatz 2
Paragraph 2

All I can say to that statement is that he is talking of German Tax moneys spend in foreign wars incl Kongo which drives the German Budget even further into a hole. Germany is spending money we can not afford. The Social net which was ment just for German Citizens is suffering even worse after foreigners from Turkey, Poland, Russia, Tchechoslovakie North Africa swomped the welfare state Germany, them receiving free housing cashing in on moneys for each family member for clothing, furniture and monthly money deposits into their probably first ever German Bank accounts, they had to learn a trade in order to better themselves and to get of welfare. But why go work if welfare pays more for 5 family members then one father and mother going to work? Most did learn a trade and after 20 some years they now leavE Germany; they take their free education to their home country, collect social security from germany, free health care but never have to pay back what they received from strangers. The anger amonst German people is well deserved but it is their own fault for allowing themselves not to demonstarte and not to be afraid doing so, fear of risking their employment. Now days our 100 thousand Euro a´year income white collar workers have to go back to school readmit themselves into a a much younger work force, compete with hired personal ordered around by our bürokratic government. All in all Thomas is right winged as hell! He is angry at women and the German Government, I understand all that but it does not help the momentary situation we are dealing with.

Absatz 3
Paragraph 3

He blames feminism, we shall read between his lines.

My personal view point is that,

Feminism is just one of the results due to the natural human progress due to industrialisation. Industrialism is man made progress, inventions progress due to not only very intelligent people but due to our all ever lasting persistance of not wanting to give up on an idea.

I hate to say this but we can not stop the world from turning but we can keep on trying and get the attention of local politicians as well the media and as well learn to recognize that not feminism is to blame but human development itself.

Freedom comes with a price, Socialism comes with a price. Socialism is humane but it is the keeper of indivitual slavery by choice to the state. That knowledge was used in the declaration of independence as well the American constitution, it was freedom given to all who came to the USA! USA today is now doomed and split into two political cults one which is the Democratic Party ( social party ) the supporter of welfare which again supports womens independence, feminism with the welfare system they receive the freedom to leave their husbands and fathers of their children whenever they may please on taxpayers expense. But the money they receive is being collected by the what I would say the Republican Party from the None Custodial Parent in the USA. Those are mostly low income white american divorced couples or minoritys such as Mexican and African Americans.

This is common knowledge in the USA which is why so many Americans are so upset at black people and pretty much all cultural minorities in yes an immigrant country we all know to be The United States of America.The Social net in the USA is not a fair deal for all citizens, this due to the republican party and their none social commitment refusing to expand the social net but only because the republicans are trying to keep the constitution of the USA alive. A constitution not supporting a social state of mind but instead men and women are to be financially independend from state, they are to be self supporting, self made in a family structure and church structure. Family and Church was and wants to continue to be the social net of its American citizens. This is the same family structure which the welfare system, the social net destroys.

Thomas does not understand any of this, many young Americans, immigrants don´t understand this either and most young women have no clue nor do they care or understand what the result when using the welfare system, family law, all they know these days is the fact that they can at anytime live on taxpayers moneys, lie in court and get away with it. If they keep the child and this they do with all weapons offered to them, those weapons we all know as laws against family structure and its security .

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